Restaurant Review: Jack’s Wife Freda

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One of the things that makes me happiest is food. Good food, though- kale salads, soy cappuccinos, quinoa avocado salads, wild salmon- you get my drift. Because I travel a lot and live near the city, I like to go out to eat and try different restaurants so I can taste these delicious foods. I decided since I’m constantly going … Read More

10 Songs to Get you Goin’

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It’s 95 degrees out, heat index probably feels like 107, and you don’t want to get off the couch. Or, it’s raining, muggy, and cloudy, and you still don’t want to get off the couch. I feel like that’s been the summer in a nutshell. The crazy weather has had me confused so much to the point that when it’s … Read More

~Dealing with Anxiety~

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~Dealing with Anxiety~ Ah, probably two of the most dreaded words in my, (or anyone’s) vocabulary: stress and anxiety. There have been so many countless times, sometimes going on for weeks or month, that I’ve been so stressed I haven’t been able to sleep, my eating patterns have changed, and I’ve been extremely tired and run down. While many people … Read More

96 Elephants

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In the dreariness of the rain, cold, and fog, it seems as if the east coast is being completely taken over by a sea of gray (ugh). As I was driving through this cloudy mess the other day though, I stumbled across something on the radio that kind of symbolizes the massive gray mess we’re wading through: 96 Elephants. 96 … Read More

Why you need cinnamon in your coffee…and life

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I’ve seen a bunch of articles on this, but I think it’s so important to know, (and tastes so good!) that I had to write a post on it. Cinnamon is beneficial to your health for many, many reasons, but even more so for coffee drinkers. This is because coffee raises your blood pressure, and cinnamon lowers it. Basically, if … Read More

5 Inexpensive, Low-Key Dates

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Dates. Probably one of the best parts about being in a relationship. Yet I feel like most college boys are bad at planning dates, while most college girls live or die by it. This dilemma leads to the classic, frequent, spontaneous date, which has its boundaries: movie, dinner, beach, etc. These can get boring sometimes (or a lot, I like to … Read More

Game Changer: Reading Glasses

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Yep, you read that right. Reading Glasses. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard someone tell me how much they *wish* they needed glasses because it’s a fun way to spice up their look. With an entire family whose been wearing glasses since college though (and complaining about it), I think I’m going to opt for only … Read More

Drumroll, Please….

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Ahh first post!  Really excited to share this, because I think the topic is something that is key to feeling great about yourself. Last weekend I took a short trip to Kansas City to visit some friends. I am not a fan of flying, so my routine before I fly at the airport is always the same: grab a magazine, … Read More